your tech team is here

Not a typical web development company (why?)

A team of skilled senior developers, architects and project managers is ready to augment your technology team.
Whether you are struggling to ramp up your team or need experienced developers to come in setup processes and systems - your solution is here.


Team Augmentation

A team of skilled and motivated senior developers are ready to join your team

Interim CTO

A technology leader to join you on an Interim basis. Been there, done it experience

Tech Consultancy

Whether scaling challenges, data issues or just general consultancy. We are here to help.

Why us?

We join your team

This is not an outsourcing contract. Our developers will join and work as part of your team during the length of the contract, like your own team

Flexible Contract

We know ability to scale up or down flexibily is an important startup need and our contracts are designed to address it. We bill on a monthly basis

Motivated developers

We spend on the growth of our developers to keep them motivated and abreast with all the major changes in the tech world. Hire with the confidence that your developers are on top of their skills and are being taken care of

Account Manager

An experienced account manager assesses all your requirements and assign a matching team. No hiring mistakes here

Tech team that delivers

Skill, Experience, Motivation, Commitment, consistent performance define our result oriented team. Everything we do will be result oriented and focussed towards delivering to your requirements

Startup Ready

All our developers are startup ready. They have either worked with startups before or are founders themselves. Whether it is amniguity or customer driven product development, we understand how a startup ticks

How it works


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Account manager assess your requirement and assembles a team


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