What sets us apart

Why we are better suited for your startup

Startup Ready

All our developers have either worked for startups or are ex-entreprenuers themselves. We understand some of the requirements of working for a startup are unique such as being able to handle ambiguity, rapid changes, achieving more with less etc. Our developers have proven experience of handling such challenges.

Lean, optimized approach

Startups have limited resources - be it time or money - and it is important that technology delivers under these constraints. Be it using development best practices to save time in re-work, writing re-usable code for faster deliveries or test driven approach to development - all our development and coding approach is driven to ship products faster and stabler with minimal reworks.

Long term involvement

We don't just finish projects, but deliver products. Products that turn in to businesses, businesses that requires on-going improvement, maintainence and scalability of the product. We develop our products keeping in mind long term responsibility to maintain and scale.

Data driven decisioning

Our developers understand the value of data when making decisions. And hence, our technology decisions are always objective and data oriented

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